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Adriana Glinski

Born June 1970 in Cody Wyoming 

Adrina Marie Glinski started creating at a young age. She was introduced to multi-media in high school art and home economics, where she fell in love with capturing people in acrylics and sketches. 


Being an extensive world traveler, painting and sewing became “home,” leaving behind murals in Wyoming, Minnesota, and the Netherlands. She gifted portraits, aprons, blankets, bibs, baby dresses, and more as she met new people in new places. 


In 2017, a dear friend, Mary Sue Copeland introduced and encouraged her to explore a simpler way of traveling with art, by sharing with her the supplies and tutorials to switch media from acrylic to watercolor and the freedom of expression with alcohol inks. 


Adrina has spent the last year serving Puerto Rico through SendRelief by helping repair the homes and hearts of the people affected by the hurricanes and earthquakes in Ponce, Guaynabo, and surrounding areas. 


She hopes to take her art to a professional level in an effort to share the ambiance of the people and places she experiences while financially furthering her opportunity to serve here and abroad.


I enjoy multi-medias such as watercolor, acrylic, alcohol ink, fabrics, etc.

I am drawn to people and the way I see them through photos, colors, and patterns, I enjoy sharing this vision with them and others. My newest style is what I call “Adrina’s Ambience Art” where I have incorporated color, patterns, and images together to express how I experience an individual. 

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