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Alicia Kidd

Described as a workaholic and passionately dedicated to photography and art, Alicia Kidd has worked with various National Geographic Photographers assisting on assignments and photography workshops in various countries. Alicia has taught summer courses at Altos de Chavón School of Design in the Dominican Republic, her alma mater. She produces photography workshops and seminars in Puerto Rico, the USA, and the Caribbean for her own workshop company.


From a young age, Alicia has had an interest in creative expression. She formally studied fine art, graphic design & photography. Alicia has designed and illustrated books, corporate branding, advertisements, and product packaging for many companies and start-ups. 


Feeling more comfortable behind a camera, Kidd has dedicated over 15 years to her Professional Photography business but has always found the time to sketch everyday life and urban scenes during her travels. Using a variety of portable supplies, Alicia sketches what she sees in front of her. Capturing gestures and textures quickly and loosely, each page in her sketchbook is a story of where she was and what she saw. 


Serving as Vice President of Exhibitions at the EEAG, Kidd uses her past experience as a Gallery Curator to create new opportunities for artists living in Puerto Rico.


"Everyday life and objects are full of vibrant lines, shapes, and colors. Using a mix of watercolors and gouache, I loosely and quickly capture the essence of the object or scene in front of me. Hand-made Watercolor Sketchbooks, a portable watercolor palette, a small gouache stay-wet palette, and a fountain pen with black ink are at the moment my go-to tools for painting urban scenes. Experimenting with techniques and tools has always been a fun way to add character and personality to an otherwise ordinary scene."

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