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Andi Stix

Andi Stix began her art career at Washington University where she designed math manipulatives for elementary and middle school students. Many of her published works were sold by Cuisenaire Company, Creative Learning Publication, ETA, Hands2Mind, and Teacher Created Materials. Andi is the recipient of the Educator of the Year Award from the Association of Gifted and Talented Education. She has won many curriculum awards from Learning Magazine, National Association for Gifted Children, MCSS, and NCSS. She strives to guide school systems towards student-centered, interactive learning where students create, produce, design, and invent. Andi views education as a platform to integrate the arts in all subject areas.

During Andi’s private time, she is an intarsia wood artist. Her first piece was created back at Washington University in 1974-75. Her educational career and raising a family took her on other paths, but she vowed to build a woodshop in 2010. Annually, Andi’s work is presented at the Long Island Woodworkers Club where she has won blue ribbon awards for her inventiveness. Each year, Andi pushes the boundaries of expectation and integrates something new in her endeavor. She has incorporated optical illusions, decoupage, glass, tile, fabrics, Japanese papers, and other materials in her 3-D wood designs. Andi considers intarsia to be her private time and she opts not to sell her work.

15A. Loving Hearts (1)
Loving Hearts Silver Side
14. Sunday in the Park with Keith
13. Double Exposure
11 Welcome Home 2016
8 Wicket Croquet 2014
6 The Embrace 2013
7 The Kiss 2014
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