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Donald Niddrie

I am a relative newcomer to the world of art, not viewing but doing. My wife Carole inspired me to first pick up a pencil and then a brush for she decided on her own to pursue painting as one of her hobbies a few years ahead of me. Like many, where to start was a problem for me but joining my wife for a class with a local watercolorist got me going. Where it led is what you see in the photos of a few pieces of my art some might think worthy of display.


For me it’s all about what makes me happy. People, places and things in nature captivate me so that is what I paint. I came to pastel out of frustration with watercolor although I really love what happens as colors are mingled when brushes and paints meet on paper. Unfortunately, too many of my early watercolors turned into scrap paper after a promising start. Pastel is a medium where my miscues can be rectified before I feel I should start all over, a real plus if you want to complete things.


I haven’t painted much but what I have done I do for my own personal pleasure or for the pleasure of the person who owns the unique face, place or thing (the dog is Lola, the pet Yorkie belonging to my son) that I have decided to capture with pen, pencil, charcoal or chalk (and maybe watercolor again in the future if time and penchant permits).


This EEAG page is probably the only place you will see any of my work (really pleasure) although a few of my pieces have hung in our local library back in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, our permanent residence. Nonetheless, Puerto Rico, its people and the EEAG, for at least three months of every year, provide the inspiration for me to keep plugging away in the world of “doing” art. 

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