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Donna Sabater

Born July 13, 1945, in Colorado Springs, Colorado

I am a citizen of the United States, and a Puerto Rican by marriage, parenthood, and 54 years of residence on the Island.

I work in acrylic and watercolor.  I choose subjects that talk to me in my surroundings.  Recently, I have enjoyed creating large-format acrylic abstracts.  

I create to improve my observation of my environment and to satisfy a need to express my observations in concrete form.  I studied psychology and counseling as a graduate and undergraduate and worked in this field for 60 years.  When I retired, I felt a need to express my feelings and thoughts through art.  I took workshop classes with Barbara Pecce and Ramon Velasquez at the Puerto Rican Art Museum.  I enjoy YouTube instruction.  I have only entered one juried exhibition and I won First Prize for one of my watercolors.   


I give my creations to friends and family and have sold only one painting during a fundraiser.  Painting and drawing are a time for me.  I do not foresee a commercial or financial path to my work.  It is mine and it is hard for me to part with paintings that are a part of me.  I do enjoy seeing them on the walls of my family.  I feel they have a part of me in their homes and that these paintings will help my children and grandchildren keep me close over the miles.

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