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Gerri Bloomberg

GERRI BLOOMBERG is an artist who primarily paints the landscapes of Puerto Rico and Vermont using the mediums of watercolor, acrylic, pastel, And oil. Her works have appeared in shows in Vermont and Puerto Rico. She belonged to a six-woman art group in Vermont called the “Monet Mamas” that painted, showed together, and produced unique art projects. She is a member of the EEAG (East End Art Guild) of Puerto Rico.


Gerri created and owned her own business which specialized in Mental Health, Employee Assistance, and Organizational issues for individuals, groups, businesses, and non-profits. As she approached retirement and the sale of her business she wanted to plan for new interests for the future. She wondered whether her abiding interest in music and slow jazz piano could translate into other artistic endeavors such as painting. Long a fan of photography she began her art studies at the Art Museum of Puerto Rico in San Juan with Barbara Pecce, then president of the Watercolor Society of Puerto Rico. She studied with Siddhia Hutchinson at her studio at the top of the Rain Forest and Monica Linville at her Tree House studio in the foothills of the rainforest in Luquillo. Gerri has also been a yearly student at the Vermont Art Event in the summer with visiting teachers such as Caroline Jasper Margaret Roseman, David Becker, Tom Lynch, Robert Burridge, Jean Carbonetti,  and Linda Kemp. She has also studied with American Artists, Lillian Kennedy and Sean Dye. Gerri’s favorite place to paint is at the Ceiba mountaintop home of former EEAG president, artist, and Teacher, Maria Otheguy.

She enjoys all mediums, loves color in every form, and particularly enjoys using the palate knife 

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