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Hannelore Amon

Hannelore studied languages in Vienna (Austria), Brussels (Belgium), London (England), and Siena (Italy) and worked for 23 years as a foreign language journalist for the Austrian radio and television company (ORF) in Vienna.

Since early on in her life, Hannelore has continued to pursue her artistic talent through participation in various courses, workshops, and seminars, such as at the Academy of Applied Arts in Brussels, Belgium, or with Prof. Adolf Frohner at the Academy in Vienna, Austria. She also completed a seven-semester course at the Fine Arts College in Vienna, Austria, with a student of the late painter Max Weiler.

She successfully participated in the "Caterina de Medici Painting Award" held in Florence, Italy, and the summer academy in Zakynthos, Greece.
Hannelore S. Amon managed her own gallery, "Mango Tango," in Vienna. She promoted her works of art and arranged showings for other artists.

Her works have been shown in Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, the USA, and the USVI. The artist lives and works in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Vienna, Austria.

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