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Jaymee Weinreich & coming Sept. 2012   



Jaymee Paddock Weinreich, located in the rainforest mountains of Ceiba, in Eastern Puerto Rico, works in a number of mediums including oil, acrylic, pastel, water color and pencil.   Her paintings include portraits of people, rainforest, underwater landscapes, and fantasy.  “In my work I want to express the beauty of life in a spiritual sense.  With all the problems in the world and in our daily living we have a tendency to forget how to just sit and enjoy each other and nature.  I try to connect my work with what is most important.”


Co-founder of the East End Art Guild of Puerto Rico, founded in 1999.  In February of 2007, she started writing a column for El Playero, a Hispanic newspaper in Brevard County, Florida about artists connected to.   Puerto Rico Daily Sun, an English newspaper in Puerto Rico had also published a number of her articles.


In December of 2008, Weinreich opened a fine art gallery recently known as Maji Lina Gallery & Art Center  located at the foot of El Yunque National Forest.  

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