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Julie Bagshaw 

Julie Bagshaw creates original art in acrylic, oil and collage. Her style of painting is expresssionistic in order to interpret the emotion that she feels for a subject with color, shape, and texture.


To her, the art of painting is a non-verbal form of communication which allows the viewers to experience for themselves the emotions she has created.


In addition to art studies at Syracuse Univesity, she had has the opportunity to study with blilliant mentors.  Her experience has included in depth studies of art and artists with these mentors in Russia, Vienna, Prague, Ireland, and Italy.  She has also studied in Maine, New Mexico, Texas, Califormnia, Philadephia, New York, and Puerto Rico.


Her paintings have been included in various exhibitions and Juried Art Shows in the US and Puerto Rico and have been awarded first and second palce honors.

Julie's other paintings can be seen at her web site:



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