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Kim Miller

Born 1955, Lake George, NY 


As an artist with a background in computer science and software, my creative path may seem unconventional, but it's driven by a fascination with the act of creating things. 

My artistic journey has led me through a rich tapestry of techniques and mediums, including silversmithing, dichroic glass, lampworked glass, quilting, jewelry making, and more. Among these, tie-dye and shibori dying have become a lifelong passion. I've extended my love for making things by sharing them with others, conducting workshops for art clubs, and teaching the creative art of tie-dying to various groups.

More recently, I've ventured into the world of acrylic painting. As I was preparing for retirement a year or so ago, I was able to take classes and workshops to learn the basic techniques of painting which provided me with a new canvas for my artistic expression.  

My creative process is one of curiosity and hands-on experimentation. Whether it’s eagerly unwrapping an article of clothing to reveal the vibrant, unpredictable results of tie-dye, or watching waves and reflections appear after layers of paint on a canvas, the transformative moment, when colors and patterns emerge, fuels my desire to create.  The process is so liberating—every project, regardless of the outcome, is a valuable stepping stone in my artistic journey.

As I continue to paint, dye, and create, I eagerly await where this artistic journey will lead. My initial intentions were humble—to create for myself—but the possibilities are endless.  I am driven not only by the desire to make things but also by the gratification of sharing knowledge and inspiring others to embrace their own creative journeys.

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