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Ladan Aryan

Ladan Aryan had a special inspiring feeling about arts since she was a child, however, it was until 2019 that she began to experience her affection for painting. Self-educated in the traditional media of acrylic and oil on canvas techniques, Ladan uses her skills to evoke imageries of her personal experiences with the surroundings, giving birth to the nature illustrations that depict her style.

As life has brought Ladan to Massachusetts, United States, it gave her an appreciation of the Atlantic Ocean's sea-washed stones, shells, and colorful nature. Ladan’s artistic talents were recently touched by the inspiration of the ocean breeze in her current beachfront studio in Puerto Rico. 

The beauty of this gorgeous Island gave Ladan an opportunity to epitomize all emotions and intimate details into the canvases with the simplicity of the people, culture, nature, and its creatures. Ladan’s paintings assert an appreciation of flowing sentiments that drives her relationship to a meaningful portrayal.

Art Style:
Scenic Landscape, Urban Landscape, Nature, Animals, Portraits, Abstract, and Multi-Media

Art Medium:
Acrylic, Oil, and Mixed Media

To view more of Ladan's work, visit her website:

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