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Martiel Hay

Born in California on, August 19th,1978. I make personalized Tumblers, design flyers, paint wall decor signs, and do paper crafts, as well as making art with sea glass.  


I create art with acrylic paints, sea glass, card stock paper and glue. These are my go-to supplies when creating. My Tumblers and Sea Glass Art are new interests.


Artistic Background: Graduated from FIDM, a design school in Los Angeles. When I learn new hobbies, it’s usually by taking a workshop to do a craft together. Sometimes I figure it out with some tutorials on YouTube.


Back in California, there was a Senior Community Center, I volunteered with. There was a Sewing group, that made Rescue Bears. These were fabric Teddy Bears, for the Rescue Crew on scene. Kids are given these teddy bears, during a scary situation or accident. I had the task of drawing on the face and details of the Rescue Bears. Oddly enough it came full circle, when my daughter and I were in a car accident, and the paramedic handed a Rescue Bear to her. I was happy to see these Bears that the sewing group created. She held on to that teddy bear the whole time. A simple project that I had volunteered for made such an impact. I want to recreate this Rescue Bear project in Puerto Rico as one of my art community goals. 


I have taught craft classes over the years, mainly to Seniors. Teaching them how to make Jewelry, Paint, make Door Wreaths, and mostly art can be a hands-on class, with no prior skills needed. Another goal with my art is to open up my own Craft Corner Studio. Artists will be able to host workshops at this studio-type store and have the needed supplies available to use and create with. This will be a store for local artisans to sell their art. 


My Instagram is @CustomizedbyMarti

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