Monica Linville 


A native of Schenectady, New York, Monica Linville has always had an interest in art. Primarily self taught, she began devoting herself to painting and supporting herself from her work in the late 70's while living in Key West, Florida.


The artist enjoys art in all its expressions and is always open to experimenting with new mediums and techniques. "Experimenting gives me the creative freedom I need." says Laird. "I am moved by different things each day and it is impossible for me to react the same way to each subject I paint. Using various mediums helps me react rather than merely record."


Renowned as a watercolorist in the Caribbean, the artist has been living in Puerto Rico since 1986. In 2002, the artist returned to her roots and began to work once again with oils and acrylics. Regardless of the medium or the surface, however, the common chord in all her work is her intense color and intriguing texture. The artist believes that the environment of the island is very much reflected in her paintings. The intensity and the complex "tapestries" woven by nature are evident not only in her floral work but in her figure work, abstracts and landscapes as well. She says, "Puerto Rico is a small island with an incredible combination of diverse cultures, religions and physical environments, all flourishing together under the canopy of lush tropical foliage. The people themselves offer a social and cultural tapestry as rich and luxuriant as the thick flora covering the land. I try to capture the excitement and intrigue of such complicated dimensions in my paintings."


Monica has been teaching since 1992. She conducts her "Waterworks" watercolor workshops at her TreeHouse Studio in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, attended by students from around the Caribbean and the United States. Additionally she teaches Creative Watercolor at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. She also enjoys working with corporate groups coming to the island, tailoring workshops and projects around their needs.


Monica's work is exhibited internationally and has received a number of honors and recognitions. She is represented by galleries in Puerto Rico, Canada and England.

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