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Nelson Pacheco

Nelson Pacheco is a lifelong photography lover who began developing his own black-and-white photographs in the 1970s using a manual Canon FTb and, later, a Canon F-1, while pursuing a career in science, mathematics, and the military.

He re-entered photography several years ago and applied his knowledge to digital SLRs and computerized image processing.  This has opened up new paths of composition for his photographs.  

Pacheco has participated in photography workshops, has had photographs published in local magazines in Virginia, and has participated in an East End Art Guild Exhibit.  In 2016 he won the award for best landscape photograph at the prestigious Nature Visions Exhibition at the George Mason Center for Performing Arts in Manassas, Virginia.

The majority of his photographs are landscapes from various parts of the United States and Europe, along with occasional candid street subjects.

Originally from Puerto Rico, he has enjoyed returning to the island over the last decade to photograph the beauty of his native land.

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East End Art Guild
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United States

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