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New Artists and Works in Progress 

 Marta O'Neil 

    Marta O'Neil is a new artist who has had prior interest in macrame, mundillo, ceramics, stained glass, crochet, and beaded jewelry confection.  She recently started drawing and painting with permanent markers, crayons, and color pencil, as shown in this collection.  Marta was born and lives in San Juan, spends time at her farm in Ceiba, and is related to famous Puerto Rican painter Alfonso Arana and artisan Cesar Arana.  

Ina Pothier

Ina Pothier is new to the painting world, having only been exposed to the East End Artist Guild in 2016.  She is a natural!
She is a Canadian snowbird who has travelled extensively around the world especially sailing in the Caribbean. For the last three years, she has anchored herself on shore in Puerto Rico. 

Her interest in painting comes from her love of colours, working with yarn to create blankets for orphanages in third world countries. Thanks to her mentor and instructor, Maria Otheguy, Ina has experimented with Acrylics.

Juan Perez

These are drawings by Juan Perez, a new member. He is almost 90, and began drawing in 2018. Juan recently recovered from a serious illness and is drawing again.  He lives in Managua, Nicaragua.

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