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Sabrina Parks

For every negative there is a positive…..that is what we all try to remember right?

For me, art many times is that positive. When considering my own or someone else’s work, I am drawn to beauty or strength; a beautiful face, the power of the ocean, the strength of a tree or an old man's boots, or the peace or an item serving its purpose.

I’m a Texas native transplanted to Puerto Rico. Living in paradise gives me inspiration without end!  As a painter, I predominantly work with acrylics, although I eagerly embrace any opportunity to experiment with new techniques and mediums.  

In my own work I hope to create a glimpse inside a moment, to experience the love, laughter, peace or bliss shared in a single expression.  Art for me has become a beautiful journey, from not being able to draw a straight line to not wanting to.

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East End Art Guild
295 Palmas Inn Way
Ste 104
HUMACAO, PR 00791-6257
United States

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