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Silent Auction

A look at our most important fundraising event of the year.


Organized by: Alisa Dillingham with the help of the EEAG Silent Auction Committee

The EEAG has been organizing and hosting a yearly Silent Auction since 2010. For 2024, Alisa took on the task of organizing this important event, while managing expectations, juggling donations, and putting out fires as they inevitably came up. Backed by a team of over twenty volunteers (members and nonmembers) and the whole EEAG Board, Mrs. Dillingham's vision came to reality the night of February 10th, 2024. Take a look at a recap of this event.    

A few milestones...


A huge THANK YOU goes out to the Village it took to pull off an epic Auction 2024!


Joe Wiens

Gerri Bloomberg

Gerri Bogdan

Nelson Pacheco
Richard Druitt

Display painting and set up:

Carroll Kelly                              
Michael Kelly

Kim Miller                                 
Harry Miller                                    
Barb Alves                               
Alisa Dillingham 
Sabrina Parks  


Hanging & Curating Art:

Maria Otheguy

Arlene Fromer



Alisa Dillingham

Advertisements & Branding

Alicia Kidd


Event Set Up & Decorating:

Kim Miller                                 
Sabrina Parks

Rayne Parks                             
Alicia Kidd

Barb Alves                               
Cindi Slate

Mary Lasica                             
Melissa DaSilva

Ferial Fathi                               
Samuel Dillingham

Alisa Dillingham                            
Josh Dillingham



Kennedy Phillips

Tanvi Tauhare

Emma Sluska


Evy Vargas

Sofia Vargas                                                                         
Kara Swider

Raffle MC

Betsy Pearson                          


Raffle Vanna Whites:

Genesis Pina                               
Rayne Parks

Sacha Sparrow                           
Maura McDaniel

Raffle Gift Certificates, Raffle Items/baskets:

Joyce Sharkey

Alisa Dillingham

All of the amazing EEAG Artists, Community Members, Local Businesses, and Venders that contributed to the success of this amazing event!


All images and videos provided by EEAG Members. Thank you!


If you would like to contribute next year, please fill out this form.

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