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Honorary Member: Victor Torres
An EEAG Honorary Member is an artist of exceptional talent, with a life-long dedication to their art, with a relationship to a current EEAG member, whose art, by choice or circumstance, has not previously been widely presented to the public.

Victor Torres

Dr. Victor Torres was born on December 23, 1925, into a humble country family in Coamo, Puerto Rico.  He developed varied interests in music, the arts, and the sciences early, appearing in several dramas on local stages and radio. While in Coamo, he developed a friendship with local musicians from Coamo who later became well known, such as Bobby Capo and Willie Rosario, whose orchestra became the subject of one of his favorite paintings.

In 1946 Dr. Torres graduated with a Bachelors degree in mathematics and chemistry from the University of Puerto Rico , where he met his future wife Dora, and was accepted into the Columbia University Medical School, where he specialized in Dermatology.  After serving two years in the US Army as a physician in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, he returned to Puerto Rico and finished his residence in Dermatology at the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine.  He then began a very successful private dermatology practice in the San Juan metropolitan area. He later rejoined the medical staff at the University of Puerto Rico from where he retired as a Dean.  He and Dora have seven children.

Although he maintained his interest in painting throughout his life, he dedicated himself to it as a serious hobby after retirement, and obtained a Bachelors in Fine Arts from the San Juan School of Plastic Arts in 1998.  He continued to paint privately from his mountain home and studio outside of Cayey, Puerto Rico over the following decade.  Although he only paints for personal enjoyment and has never accepted payment for a painting, he was commissioned by the Catholic Church for a painting of Carlos (“Charlie”) Santiago, the only officially recognized Catholic saint from Puerto Rico. 

His drawings, and his acrylic and oil paintings include scenes of his native Puerto Rico, his wife Dora, self portraits, and reproductions of famous works.  

Portrait with guitar
Dora sittting
Willie Rosario's Band
Still life
Hurricane Georges
El Jaleo Reproduction
Countryside 2
Side Panel 2
Side Panel 3
Side Panel 1
Portrait 2
Young Obama
Don Victor
Art Studio
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