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Month: August 2023

This is a recap of our monthly meetings, events, and workshops to come. 



East End Art Guild
295 Palmas Inn Way
Ste 104
HUMACAO, PR 00791-6257 USA

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Our latest News



The 2024 Art Auction Fundraiser Updates – February 10, 2024.  

We are looking for everyone to donate a piece of art for this event to help raise funds! We discussed auctioning art exclusively and perhaps raffling off household items and miscellaneous pieces that interest our guests.


2024 Art Exhibit – Galería Escute – May of 2024. 

The theme is “Puerto Rico Seasons” for this exhibit. We encourage you to participate. We will plan an opening show to mingle with artists and friends. 


We hope you have started working on your piece. 


Carroll’s workshop and many other workshops during the year could be great opportunities to create art for this exhibit. Submit your art for the exhibit here: Galería Escuté May 2024


EEAG Website: Please visit and share the link to your gallery page. That is your portfolio! 


Members, if you want to be part of our website, send your artist statement (or bio) and pictures of up to 10 most recent works of art to Alicia 


Special Events & Workshops: 


  • Tuscany - June or fall 2024. More info to come!

  • Maggie Sutrov watercolor painting on location. Take a look at more info on our website! She is excited to come to Puerto Rico and share her watercolor knowledge with us. Please show your interest in taking this special workshop by signing up for information. 

  • Nick Quijano, a local artist, will do a workshop for our members at his studio or outdoors. Details on his workshop to follow.  Nick is a visual artist whose paintings, sculptures and assemblages have been exhibited widely in the US and depict everyday life.  His works are held at museums such as Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico and Museo de Arte de Ponce, Smithsonian American Art Museum and Museo del Barrio.  See Facebook. 

Member Workshops: 
Please sign up for all events and workshops on our website:


  • Macrame Class - by Amber Kelly, August 26, at Alisa Dillingham’s home in Palmas - 2:00 - 4:00, $10 per person - there are still available spots! 

  • Carroll Kelly's Funny Fishy Fabric Workshop, to be held September 19, 2023 at her home - 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, max 6 people. 

  • Soap Making Workshop - by Heather Baus- max 6 people in September at Soap Bar PR in Ceiba. Date/Time TBD. 

  • Acrylic Painting Workshop - by Maria Otheguy - October 23rd - 10:00 am  to 3:00 pm at her home in Ceiba. Bring your own supplies and project!  


Field Trips: 

Let’s get out there! Field trip for September 9th to Old San Juan. Donna and Alisa will coordinate another awesome trip for us -  please join us!


Must visit in September:

Yaucromatic is a MUST-visit public art project in the municipality of Yauco created by Arte Para Unir Inc. Yaucromatic has 62 works of art in the Urban Center of the city. There is a new piece of a colorful croche tree and during the month of September, the community will be painting the steps, La Escalinata in the design of our new member, Krystel & her husband Sam. You can join and paint, or visit once it’s complete. 




Next sketch crawl: Kayaking at the Humacao Nature Reserve. Get your paddles out! We are sketching and kayaking on some of the most beautiful natural waterways on the island.  Look to the website for details.


Call for Art for Chincho’s exhibit change out. We ask that all of the pieces submitted be ready to hang. Any art not picked up will be donated to the auction. Please fill out our Call for Art form to participate. 

Chincho’s change out September 1st
Deadline: September 1st, 2023 


New Space: Piano Bar in Plaza Palma Nova October 2023 (Date TBD)

Norberto’s Piano Bar & Lounge, will open soon in the Palmanova Plaza.  They are in communication with Alicia for future exhibits. This will be a well curated space - we will be looking for specific quality pieces from our members. Stay tuned for more information as this progresses.   


The next meeting is scheduled at the PHA Building at 11 am on September 16th.


Artists’ Date: Potluck Sketch Crawl at Jacque Marling’s place, September 13 at 1:00.  Please RSVP on our website.


New Topics and/or Suggestions:

Possibly to do a group study on the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.  It is a 12-week course.  The book can be ordered individually or downloaded.  We wanted to wait to do this until the summer birds are back on the island.  Suggested timeframes are 11/1 thru 1/24 or 2/1 thru 4/25.  More discussion and details to follow. 

Show and Tell:

Adrina Glinski shared her painted portrait of her son. 

Maria Otheguy brought one of her acrylic paintings of the Flamboyan Tree.

Jacque showed a painting of a friend’s cat, it was vibrant and colorful.

Cindy shared her first experience of hypnotizing for healing. 

Carroll showed us the work in progress of the quilt created during her workshop by Maria, Cindy, Genesis, Marti, and Leanne.

Marti showed us her quilt and shared birthday cupcakes. 

We say goodbye to Martiel Hay who is moving to St Thomas! Although a new member, Marti participated in several workshops and created three pieces of artwork that hangs at the exhibit inside the Yacht Club. We hope you have fun living in St Thomas! 


Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and our redesigned website for updates and pictures! Any questions, email

Thank you for being a member!

East End Art Guild
295 Palmas Inn Way
Ste 104
HUMACAO, PR 00791-6257
United States

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